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We aim to serve as your competent and reliable partner in business. Since our initial take over a small local firewood business we have built up a wealth of experience.


Below are some of our most common enquiries and answers to help you understand more about our products and service . . . 

What types of wood do you use?

We sell Softwood, which is predominately Lodge Pole Pine.  We also sell hardwoods and combination of hardwoods which are mainly Alder, Birch, Oak, Ash and Hornbeam.

What size are your logs?

Our logs are cut 250mm (10 inches) on average which is the ideal size for all appliances.  For domestic biomass boilers we stock 500mm (19 inches) or commercial biomas we have 1 meter (49 inch) Softwood logs.

How much do the bags weigh?

Although you may have already read on our site firewood should never be purchased by weight as we are often asked.  The heavier the wood (if not kiln dried) the more water is carrying and is therefore a less efficient fuel.  The weights of the cubic meter bags of kiln dried wood are as follows:


Softwood  - 250 Kg  

Birch - 280 Kg

Oak - 330 kg  

Ash 310 Kg

How should I store the wood?

The wood should ideally be stored in a timber store.  The optimum storage is undercover with a little bit of air flow, however the wood can be stored in a garage or in the house.

Why don't you sell seasoned firewood?

As mentioned on other pages on our site the seasoning process does not get the moisture content as low as the kiln, therefore doesnt make as efficient fuel in terms of what you are paying or what you are burning in your stove.

What is the difference between hardwood and softwood?

Softwoods are conifer trees and hardwoods are decidusous.  Softwoods calorific values are  similar to the hardwoods with the main difference being the hardwood has a longer burn time.

What if they get rained on?

If the logs are rained on it really is not a huge issue.  The wood is dried from inside out so there should be no effect.  However please note that prolonged exposre and emmersion are not advised.

Can I burn them right away?

Yes all logs are ready for burning and can go straingt on to your fire or into your stove

What do I do with the bag?

In the spirit of sustainablity we would appreciate if you could store the bag until you hopefully order from us again and we can collect and recycle.

For local weekend deliveries, please have your order with us by Fridays.

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